Allegheny, Health, Education & Research Foundation (AHERF)

Illustrations that I created for AHERF (Allegheny, Health, Education & Research Foundation). I worked both as a graphic designer and illustrator, creating print media and providing illustration services for the various affiliated hospitals and health systems within the Foundation, such as St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Buck County Hospital, Medical College of Pennsylvania, Hahnemann University Hospital.  (Please click on the images to see a larger view)

AHERF-HealthTalk-3 AHERF-HealthTalk-2
AHERF-AlleghenyNews-2 AHERF-AlleghenyNews-1
SCHC-PR-1 AHERF-AdvantagePassport-2
AHERF-HealthAdvantage-1 AHERF-EffectiveTeaching-1
AHERF-AdvantagePassport-1 AHERF-dustmites

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