ART: Inner Monsters


Your Inner Monster…

Inner Monsters don’t necessarily look like “real” monsters. These particular creatures are part of that constant chatter going on in the background of our own minds, shaping our unique view of the world.

They can appear in a variety of forms, from human, animal, monster-like, even as plants! Most of us… ahem… keep our inner beasties tucked “safely” in the closet, hoping the won’t decide to reveal themselves at inopportune times, causing all manner of embarrassing moments, like sudden extreme shyness, unexplained crying jags, overwhelming crankiness, or laughing out loud for no apparent reason, among others.  Sound familiar?

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The solution is (drum roll please…) to MEET your inner monsters, SEEK to understand them, EMBRACE them as yours, and then LEARN about yourself through them. Bring them out of your personal inner-verse and set them free!

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