ART: Paper Faces


Paper Faces – The Human Psyche

FACES. We all have them. They fascinate me. Expressions in particular – from subtle to extreme.
OLD PAPER. These too share qualities of human expression. From long ago handwritten notes, aged newspapers & maps to worn paper stained with time. In this series of prints, I combine them to create whimsical “stories” about the nature of being human.

I’m a face person. I see them everywhere – and not just on people.
Within the branches of trees, in shadows on the wall, materializing within patterns created by organic textures on surfaces of all kinds. Some are haunting. Some are silly. Some are just plain strange.

I also like creating faces. Suggesting moods, connections and odd relationships.
Below are some images that I have created using faces I have drawn on old paper fragments.

faces-5 faces-8 faces-1
Missed Opportunities 2 World Views The Triangle
faces-6 faces-4 faces-7
Gossip Paranoia Different Dispositions
faces-2 faces-9 faces-3
Ridicule = Bully 2 World Views Path to Enlightenment

Limited edition prints are available in my Etsy shop:

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