ART: Monster Alphabet


It should be no surprise I suppose, but a nasty fight broke out in my art studio between three of the Elite Guardian Monsters this morning. You see, the letters “N” and “R” were still available after my initial request for help with the Monster Alphabet painting that I was beginning. Three monsters…two remaining letters. That spells Trouble with a capital “T”! I discovered the hard way, that monsters can become quite competitive, let alone combative, when something (or someone) is up for grabs.

MonsterAlphabet-fight1 MonsterAlphabet-fight3

Once the name calling began, while I stood frozen with a deer-in-the-headlights look, my nice, neat studio became a battleground (of monster proportions). Grumbles, whines, hoots and hollers were exchanged amid stomping feet and flying feathers as other monsters joined in the fray. I barely made it to safety by leaping sideways, as the insults about mothers started whizzing past my tender ears. It took several hours just to calm them down. Fortunately, I remembered that monsters forget how to argue while eating warm quizzelberry pies, which were placed around the edges of the room to distract them. A monster mediator (me, unfortunately) was then called over to talk things out.

Let me just say that I have heard nasty words exchanged between angry people before, but monster word fights are just awful with all of the additional hissing, growling and teeth gnashing. I have learned that one should, never, NEVER insult a monster’s mother!! I cannot emphasize that enough. I am ashamed to admit that I cowered pathetically behind my painting easel while waiting for things to quiet down.

Fortunately, it all worked out and I was able to bring peace back to my now tattered and torn studio. I had no choice but to promise the left-out monster that he would be the first in line when I started work on my Monster Numbers paintings. I can’t (ahem) wait…

Below are posters from the series. (Please click on the images to see a larger view)

MonsterAlphabet-warm MonsterAlphabet-cool
The Monster Alphabet (warm version) The Monster Alphabet (cool version)

Prints are available at my Etsy shop:

Poster (warm version)
Poster (cool version)

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