ART: Baby Monsters


Monsters have babies too.
Baby monsters are even harder to find than the elusive “baby” pigeon. Very few folks can say that they’ve seen them, let alone created their portraits. I have been lucky. As you might imagine, monster parents can be a bit protective. Mothers in particular. They consider us (humans) more than a bit strange and potentially dangerous. It took most of my free time, lots of monster “treats” and carefully followed Monster Etiquette to befriend just a few of them. Even then, I felt a bit nervous and on edge as I made sketches of their most beloved offspring. It is always a good idea to remind oneself that monsters are ultimately unpredictable creatures, and should be given proper respect at all times.

> Please click on the images below to see the full size artwork and other art in the series.

BabyMonster1 BabyMonster2 BabyMonster3

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