ART: Midnight Monster


A Startled Moontinkifer

Do not be afraid. Like many night creatures, they just wish to be left alone. These secretive beings often hide in the shadows, except when the moon is full and bright. The midnight moon is their time of wonder and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you just may witness some magical happenings.

This particular midnight monster is called Moontinkifer and can be found high up in the Balkan mountain range on the border between Bulgaria and eastern Serbia . It was not easy getting to this destination, but I have found it worth the effort, expense and skinned knees.

Legend says that if one is lucky enough to spot them during the day, they appear as drab, colorless creatures, almost invisible against the mountain landscape of rocks and boulders. They shine (literally) at night when they come out of their hiding places to dance. Moonlight causes a shimmering transformation from dull gray to a luminous rainbow colored glow!

It is believed that the glimmer of incandescent color and magical movements is their way of attracting a mate. Otherwise, they appear to be quite shy, non-aggressive individuals, who unfortunately, startle easily.

Below are closeup images from the series. (Please click on the images to see a larger view)

mid-mon-closeup3 mid-mon-closeup2 mid-mon-closeup1

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