BOOK: Magdalena’s Picnic (bilingual)


Magdalena’s Picnic
(El picnic de Magdalena)
by Patricia Aguilar Morrissey

A bilingual adventure begins. This story explores a young child’s imagination as it takes her to a faraway place—the Amazon jungle—without leaving her backyard. The main character in the book, the one fearlessly leading the group ahead, is a girl named Magdalena. She is clearly a role model for young adventurers as she dodges dangers, makes bold choices, and finally, leads her group to its destination. Follow along with Magdalena and her two companions, a French rag doll, Brigitte and grumpy, stuffed purple tapir, Junior as they meet scary monkeys, beautiful macaws, and a hungry anaconda, pitcher plant and spotted jaguar!

Below are some images from the book. (Please click on the images to see a larger view.)

Magdalena plays with her favorite toys, her french doll, Brigitte and purple stuffed tapir, Junior. Junior dreams of his favorite food - chocolate cake, that will be his at the picnic
Magdalena plays with her rag doll, Brigitte and tapir, Junior.
Junior dreams of his favorite food – chocolate cake.
Magdalenas_Picnic-rescue  MGP-Spread-4
Magdalena rescues Brigitte from the evil anaconda!
 Magdalena encounters a troop of scary monkeys…
MP-birds MGP-Spread-6
 Magdalena feels the breeze and watches the colorful macaws.  Magdalena rescues Junior from the hungry pitcher plant!
gkdeahl-magdalenas_picnic6 MP-jaguar
 Junior tiptoes through the dark, slippery cave. Grrrr!” growls the fierce jaguar, crouching in the grass.
gkdeahl-magdalenas_picnic9 gkdeahl-magdalenas_picnic8
 Magdalena has found the perfect picnic spot!  Magdalena gives her little brother a jelly sandwich.

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