ART: Guardian Monsters


What the heck is a Guardian Monster?
I am so glad you asked. Perhaps you’ve heard of guardian angels — those lovely, winged beings who guide and protect you? Well, when the job requires a specialized “monster point of view”, these eager fellows step up!
(Please click on the images below to see each one!)

FB-Alphabet-Collective FB-Alphabet-Collective-A2  FB-Alphabet-Collective-B
FB-Alphabet-Collective-C FB-Alphabet-Collective-D FB-Alphabet-Collective-E
FB-Alphabet-Collective-F  FB-Alphabet-Collective-H  FB-Alphabet-Collective-I

They may not be as attractive as their more famous counterparts, but they are very loyal and work hard on your behalf. Most of the time. They do have a wee tendency to get their feelings hurt if they are not feeling appreciated. And yes, they have been known to play a practical joke now and again, just to amuse themselves, BUT, for the most part, they are quite reliable and will be there when you need them.

FB-Alphabet-Collective-J FB-Alphabet-Collective-K FB-Alphabet-Collective-L
FB-Alphabet-Collective-M1 FB-Alphabet-Collective-M2 FB-Alphabet-Collective-N
FB-Alphabet-Collective-O FB-Alphabet-Collective-P FB-Alphabet-Collective-Q

A word of caution: I have not yet met any guardian monster whom one might call pretty. They are not. In fact some can be downright ugly. Depending on their underlying natures and current mood, they might also appear grouchy, whiny, bad-tempered or exhibit any number of not-so-nice personalities. That is not their fault — they were born that way. So, if you are looking for pretty, fairy-like, always-smiling, ever-friendly types of beings, this is most definitely not the place for you. These fellows, despite their diminutive stature, mean business. They were built to handle stress, anger, fear, all kinds of unpleasant feelings, and they look like it! To learn more about each monster as well as their unique personalities and umm… “issues”, please visit: OR get a print of any one of them in my Etsy shop:

FB-Alphabet-Collective-R FB-Alphabet-Collective-S FB-Alphabet-Collective-T
FB-Alphabet-Collective-U FB-Alphabet-Collective-V FB-Alphabet-Collective-W
FB-Alphabet-Collective-X FB-Alphabet-Collective-Y FB-Alphabet-Collective-Z

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