Pet Monsters

Monster Pets

Gorgeous Monsters and Their Pets. 
People love their pets… sometimes more than their own family and friends. Monsters are no different. The big difference is that monster pets can get into and cause A LOT more trouble for their “pet parents” than a loveable kitty, puppy, budgie or fish!  As an example — “The Purple Snouted Pollen Eaters”, though quite loveable in their own monster fashion, have been know to destroy whole gardens of tulips in a single afternoon!  Or the terrifying AND terrified “Slinkifer”, who spends most of its time hiding behind furniture. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Screaming Meemees”, know for their incessant (yet musical) yowling. Many monsters find their songs quite soothing. I’m not so sure that human ears would agree. 🙂

Monster Pets

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